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Kootenay Art Face Masks: Tattoo Art Collection

SALE price! $12 per mask including taxes.

Need a mask? We've got you covered! High quality masks with tattoo-inspired art made by West Kootneay artists! Purchase your masks on-line and we will automatically add a $3 mailing fee to your order and mail your order directly to you. Or drop into our Box Office Mon- Friday between 12- 4 pm to purchase in person.

Sasha Leithead's octopus-themed design was the winner of our youth mask design contest. This is Sasha's explanation of her design, as submitted to our contest. "My design features an octopus in a loose reference to a Chinese traditional tattoo style. When I’m doing pen and ink an octopus seems to be my default, I love the intricacy and flow of them. I have always loved doing art, but only in the last 3 years have I begun to take it more seriously. In the future, I aspire to become a writer and illustrate my own books.”

About the Mask: This 3-layer "OVER THE EAR" personal protective face mask covers the mouth and nose and is adult sized. Adjustable rubber gaskets on each elastic makes these masks a true "one size fits all" from a head sizing perspective and ensures a custom and comfortable fit for all wearers. The mask also features nose and chin contour stitching for perfect fit and all day comfort. Made from a combination of lightweight and stretchable microbial resistant outer fabric with a 100% cotton liner per government guidelines.

Please note that these are courtesy masks and not designed as a replacement for medical grade masks where absolute elimination of exposure to any disease, infection, or communicable disease is required.